Kay Zimmer

The staff at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center’s Richard E. Winter Cancer Center is dedicated to providing individualized care and offering a sense of hope for every cancer patient they help.

The director of the Cancer Center, Kay Zimmer, has worked for the hospital for 18 years. She continually strives to ensure patients are provided with the best possible care and are supported every step of the way.

Kay Zimmer

“Families who come to the Richard E. Winter Cancer Center are offered hope, care that is driven by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, and a caring, collaborative environment. At our center we work as a team and focus on the individual and their needs.  Everyone here loves what they do and the people they help,” Kay said. “We have a very positive atmosphere and strive to provide the best possible care and support to our patients. Cancer is a reality for many people and we want to be here to help them through it.”

The Cancer Center treats all types of cancer and has a staff composed of three medical oncologists, a radiation oncologist and a nurse practitioner. 

“We treat all types of cancer at our program, and we have both medical and radiation oncology under one roof allowing for interdisciplinary care for our patients. In addition to 3D and IMRT radiotherapy, we also offer stereotactic radiosurgery as a treatment option,” Kay said. “We provide individualized treatment and additional services to our patients, including nutritional consultations and acupuncture.” 

Multiple breast cancer programs are also available at the center, including a multidisciplinary breast cancer program to help newly diagnosed patients. 

“Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients meet with a team that includes their surgeon, a medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist, and the breast patient navigator all in one morning.  Patients have all of their questions answered and treatment decisions explained so that they can leave the appointment with a plan,” Kay said. 

The Cancer Center also offers a program aimed at preventing high risk breast cancer.

The Cancer Center also offers a program aimed at preventing high risk breast cancer. 

“Another new program is our high risk breast cancer program. This program assesses women’s risk of breast cancer and, for those at high risk, offers them an appointment with a physician who is a high risk specialist. At this appointment the physician provides information regarding prevention, possible genetic testing and additional screening modalities,” Kay said. 

Apart from its programs, the institution has a number of qualities that makes it unique, including an accreditation from the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) that shows the cancer program follows national guidelines, and an additional accreditation from the National Accrediting Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) for the Cancer Center’s breast cancer program.

Kay and her team at the Cancer Center want individuals and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis to know there is always help and support available, which is something she has learned in her many years at the hospital. 

“I have learned that people are resilient and that there is always hope,” Kay said. “My patients have taught me that even when they are going through something very difficult there is often something they are gaining, appreciating, or learning in their view of life.” 

For more information about the services and programs offered at the Richard E. Winter Cancer Center, you can contact Kay at kayz@chmed.org.