Marc Blevins

For the past several years Blevins Bros. have sponsored monthlong Drive Out Cancer events to raise money for the local fight against cancer. 

Drive Out Cancer is an annual event that results in a $10 donation to the Jules of Life Foundation for every vehicle taken for a test drive during the month of January. Since Blevins partnered with Jules of Life six years ago, around $1,500 has been donated to the organization each year.

Marc Blevins

“Unfortunately almost everybody knows or is related to somebody that has or had cancer. Our employees and our customers can relate to this, and that’s why this is a really good event,” said Marc Blevins, the sales manager at Blevins Bros. in Ogdensburg. “Just as much as cancer may have a negative impact on so many lives, donating money to help fight cancer and help the families that are going through this can have that much of a positive impact.”


Marc came up with the idea for Drive Out Cancer seven years ago. When the fundraiser started, the proceeds were donated to Coaches vs. Cancer the first year. Then, Blevins decided to partner with Jules of Life for the second year, and they donated to the organization ever since.

“In my opinion, when we linked with Jules of Life was when the fundraiser really took off,” Marc said. “I think having local faces helps. You are doing all these test drives and working hard to get donations, but the question becomes where is the money going and who is it helping. That’s why having a local presence feels good. You know where the money is going and as a business we are helping people in the community we operate in, so it’s a really good partnership for us.”


There is no commitment to purchase a vehicle for those who go on a test drive during the month-long event, but Marc believes the experience positively impacts customers.

Marc (right) with JOL Outreach Coordinator Mary Lou Robinson

“We really try to focus on getting as many people to test drive vehicles as possible because it’s the right thing to do for Drive Out Cancer,” Marc said. “It’s exciting to buy a new car and that can be impactful for customers. Hopefully they will remember the time they test drove a car at Blevins.”


All the Blevins dealerships are involved in the event, which includes Blevins Bros. in Ogdensburg, Team Blevins in Gouverneur, Blevins Ford in Gouverneur, Blevins Motors in Potsdam, and Blevins Seaway in Massena.

“We’ve had all the Blevins stores involved in this each year. It’s nice to have them involved and it makes the event much more powerful,” Marc said. “Overall it’s a good program for us because it benefits the dealership and the community.”


For more information about Blevins car dealerships and Drive Out Cancer, visit their website or contact Marc at