Canton-Potsdam Hospital

We can help. 

The staff at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Center for Cancer Care can offer financial and emotional support to individuals and families in St. Lawrence County battling a cancer diagnosis. Examples of how they can help include connecting patients with support groups, raising money to help pay for gas or prescriptions, and providing transportation to treatment. 

Pediatric Care

The Jules of Life Foundation has partnered with the Center for Cancer Care to bring support, resources, and assistance to families in St. Lawrence County facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis. We understand that having to travel outside the county for pediatric cancer care is a very stressful, confusing and overwhelming process. The Center for Cancer Care has offered to help. 

Jackie Green

Jackie Green, Community Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Cancer Care

"It's important to find the most current treatment information, a credible second (or third) opinion, and a pediatric oncologist whose credentials, personality, and bed-side manner exceed your expectations. Your family deserves it," said Jackie, who has made herself available to you and your family. 

"If we need to, we can connect with my colleagues at the University of Vermont Health Network as an additional resource," she added. "We can talk through the process together where I can recommend names of pediatric oncologists, share information on current clinical trials, and locate state-of-the-art pediatric oncology facilities. We can also discuss financial and travel assistance or other stressors you may be juggling.  We treat each patient as an individual with unique needs."

For More Information

To learn more about the Center for Cancer Care , contact Jackie Green at (315) 261-5935 or email, or visit Additional information about what Jackie and her team can offer patients is also available on our Personal Stories page.