Medical Center

We'd like to help.


The staff at the Richard E. Winter Cancer Center can provide individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis with information about financial assistance and connect you to services and resources available in the area.

For More Information

Jessica Morley, the Psychosocial Coordinator at the Cancer Center, can provide further information. She can be reached at (315) 713-6213 or by email at


Pediatric Care

The Jules of Life Foundation has partnered with the Richard E. Winter Cancer Center to bring families in St. Lawrence County stricken with pediatric cancer more support, direction and assistance during their child's treatment. We understand that having to travel outside the county for pediatric cancer care is a very stressful, confusing and overwhelming process. Just because there is no pediatric cancer care in St. Lawrence County doesn't mean that you need to go through this process alone. Together we can provide the following to pediatric patients in St. Lawrence County:

  • Assistance in finding the best facility for your child's treatment
  • Second opinion options
  • Clinical Trials options
  • Questions/issues along the way
  • Private Counseling to help you deal with your journey

For More Information

For additional information about finding help with your child's care care, contact Jessica Morley or Kay Zimmer, the Director of the Cancer Center, at You can also read more about Kay and the work the Cancer Center does on our Personal Stories page.