Penny Kring (Heath)

Photographer Penny Kring (Heath) is passionate about capturing relationships and cherishing legacies, which is why she offers individuals in St. Lawrence County and the surrounding areas diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to have pictures taken with their families.

Penny is the owner of Heath Photography, a portrait studio located between Ogdensburg and Watertown in Redwood. She founded the studio around 35 years ago.
“We just love our customers and I really just love people,” Penny said. 
The studio offers the Legacy of Love program to local individuals battling cancer and their families. The program includes a slideshow with an individual’s images and story, as well as a CD with the pictures and a print release. Heath Photography may also take video clips and recordings during the session.
The program is free of charge.
“I’m very fortunate to have the life that I have and want to be able to give back, so it’s my way of doing that,” Penny said.
Legacy of Love not only allows an individual to feel beautiful and special, but also gives them the chance to have photographs taken with their family.
“I had one group come in and it was the first time that all 14 had gotten together, so for me I feel it’s really special for individuals to have their family around them. It’s another way for them to get rallied around and have a really nice image,” Penny said. “I feel it’s important that everybody has a family portrait. That kind of stuff can be passed on from generation from generation. It’s like leaving a legacy.”
Penny can’t recall how long she has offered Legacy of Love to the community, but believes she has captured 15 individuals and their families. While the service helps those in the photos, it also benefits Penny.
“I feel what makes me most happy is to inspire someone else and see them do good and be happy,” she said. “I think I’ve been doing it ever since I was a kid, and I’m even more driven now.”
Legacy of Love services are available to anyone living in St. Lawrence County and surrounding areas diagnosed with cancer, regardless of their age. To schedule an appointment, call Heath Photography at (315) 482-5636 and tell them you would like to schedule a Legacy of Love appointment and that the Jules of Life Foundation referred you. They will try to make your appointment at a time convenient for everyone you want to bring to ensure your family can be there.
For additional information about Penny and Heath Photography, you can visit their website at or call the studio at (315) 482-5636. Heath Photography is located at 43395 NY-37 in Redwood, NY.