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Legacy of Love

Heath Photography is offering a "Legacy of Love" package at no cost to any individual in St. Lawrence County battling cancer, along with their family. This is a way to capture beautiful images with their families or of themselves, to tell their story, and to show them that they are beautiful, special and a treasure.

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What do you get in the package?

A Legacy of Love may include a free slideshow with your images and story, and a CD with your images and copyright. We want to take great images along with a few video clips, or even recordings of what you want to archive.  We will be very flexible on the way you want this done.  

How do I schedule my appointment?

Call Heath Photography to schedule your appointment.  When calling the studio to make your appointment, just let them know that the Jules of Life Foundation referred you, and that the appointment is for Legacy of Love.  They will try to make the appointment for a convenient time, so everyone can be there.  


Why is Penny and Heath Photography doing this?

Because it's about family, it's about love, and it's about legacies.  We want to give back to our community for 30 years of support with this new, free service.  A Legacy of images and words can enrich everyone, by fulfilling the need we all have to speak our words of wisdom--to tell our stories, in pictures and maybe also in writing. 

For more information about Penny and Legacy of Love, visit our Personal Stories page.

About Heath Photography

Our Mission

At Heath Photography, our mission is to preserve the history of families - their relationships, passions, milestones, and joys - in artful images that touch the heart and warm the home.

Penny Heath, Founder, Owner, Photographer 

My story:  I founded Heath Photography in Redwood,  NY in 1989 after completing photographic training in California. I have always been interested in visual images, but over the years my specialty has become what I call "the art of family."

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