Kim's Hair Art Studio and Wigs

Kim Peck has cut and styled hair for more than 20 years, and she is now extending her expertise to help a new clientele: women who have lost their hair to cancer.

Kim, who is the former owner of studio 95 in Canton, now owns Kim’s Hair Art Studio in Brushton, where she recently started to offer wig services to help women regain confidence after losing their hair to chemotherapy and radiation. 

"There's nowhere else that I know of locally for women to get a wig when they're going through what I can only imagine is a terrifying time," she said. “So I think this is a service that is missing and I wanted to step in and offer help.”

With over two decades of experience, Kim can offer her expertise to help clients find the perfect wig. The process starts in her salon, where she works with clients to browse an online catalogue of wigs in various colors, textures, lengths and styles. 

"The company I work with has a lot of great, high quality wigs to choose from,” she said. “And with my years of experience I know what looks good color and style wise so I can help match a style to a person’s face shape and complexion.”

Once a wig is chosen, Kim takes head measurements to ensure the correct fit and once the wig is delivered to the salon, can help to make it look natural and teach the client how to properly care for it. 

“I always want to make sure that it’s the correct fit and it looks natural,” she said. “I also help the person learn how to care for the wig, so things like what products they’re going to need and how often to wash it.”

She also participates in a program called Wigs for Kids, which makes personalized wigs for children for reasons that include cancer. If a child who applies to the program is accepted, Kim will take measurements to assure a proper fit.

Since starting the service, Kim has helped a handful of women facing cancer get back their hair. She shares the story of a woman who came to her for a haircut during treatments for cancer.

"When she started treatments I shaved her hair for her and then she came back and picked out a wig," Kim said. "It was nice to see the look on her face, to see the smile when you give them back their hair. It's a very rewarding experience."

Kim hopes the service will continue to bring smiles to women facing cancer and in doing so, feels fulfilled herself.

“It’s very fulfilling to be able to provide this service and offer something positive,” she said. “To see the smile on their face and give them their hair back so they can feel confident and beautiful.”

For more information about the wig service or to start the process yourself, contact Kim at the salon at (518) 781-4386 or email You can also find the salon on Facebook