Jackie Green

Jackie Green and her team at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Cancer Center strive to make a patient’s experience with a cancer diagnosis as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

“A diagnosis of cancer is stressful, and there’s a lot to know, from financial issues to emotional needs, that people don’t realize they will have to go through. Being available when a patient needs us is key,” she said. 

Jackie is the outreach and events coordinator for the Center for Cancer Care. Her and her team offer emotional and financial support for cancer patients. Whether it’s support groups, raising money to help pay for gas or prescriptions, or providing transportation to treatment, they can help. 

“We have a van that can transport patients back and forth to treatment if they don’t have a vehicle, or money to get to their treatments,” she said. “We can also pay for wigs, lymphedema garments, hats, scarves, or anything else a patient might need to make them feel more comfortable during treatment.”

Jackie Green

Jackie also hosts and attends multiple cancer-related events, including health fairs and breast education programs, coordinates the hospital’s national cancer survivors day and annual breast cancer dinner, helps fundraise for the Cancer Center, and coordinates the integrative therapies program. Plus, she is familiar with all the local resources for individuals and families battling cancer, and is sure to share that information with others. 

“I know how many resources there are for people and how great small communities can be,” she said. “I make sure all patients know what is out there for them.”

Jackie has worked for the hospital for 13 years and finds cancer patients inspirational.

“These are the strongest and most inspirational people you could ever meet. We can all learn what’s important in life from helping them through their journey,” she said. “There are so many great stories that will melt your heart, and the fortitude they display is amazing.”

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer, Jackie wants you to know there are people in the community that can help.

“Talk to everyone you can. Survivors are the more resourceful people and can tell you how to get what you need,” she said. “We also have many, many organizations that will help so reach out and advocate for yourself to find someone, like us, that will help be your voice and steer you where you need to go.”

For more information about the services Jackie and her team can provide, contact Jackie at (315) 261-5935 or email jgreen@cphospital.org.