Mary Lou Robinson

Cancer has hit close to home more than once for Mary Lou Robinson, and that’s why she’s so passionate about helping others in their fight. 

“I lost my mother, brother, uncle’s brother-in-law, and in laws. Then my son-in-law went through two cancer battles during his lifetime, one at 30 and one at 40, and beat the odds,” she said. “I’ve always had a concern for families because I’ve had such close, personal contact with people who have lost the battle with cancer.” 

Mary Lou Robinson

A Saint Lawrence County native, Mary Lou is passionate about helping individuals and families battling cancer. Whether it’s sharing her personal experience, educating people on resources available to treat and cope with a cancer diagnosis, offering support, or pointing someone in the right direction for financial assistance, Mary Lou can help.

“I just like to help as much as I can by providing resources, education and support, and the good part about this is I have met many nice and caring people,” she said. “My message is for people to get out there and volunteer as much as they can. Don’t hesitate. Volunteer. It’s very rewarding knowing you are helping somebody.”

She has been with the Jules of Life Foundation since it was founded in 2009 and is now both a member of the board of directors and the community outreach specialist. But, that’s not all. Mary Lou also volunteers for Ryan’s Wish Foundation, an organization that provides assistance to families and individuals traveling to cancer treatment appointments. 

“The way I look at is when you mentioned the word ‘cancer’ people think, ‘Oh my god this is the end of me,’ but it doesn’t have to be that way,” she said. “I try to educate people on not giving up and that there is hope, especially with all the new and different research out there. Cancer is not a death sentence anymore. You just need to get where you need to get in order to get the support you need.”

Above all, Mary Lou wants the those battling cancer in St. Lawrence County to know she’s always there for support, and so are Jules of Life and Ryan's Wish. 

“We are there for them,” she said. “They need to reach out to us and we can show them these resources and that they are not alone in this fight. We have been able to change people’s lives because we have the resources to help” 

Any individual or family in need of help, or in search of more information about the services and resources on the website can contact Mary Lou at (315) 393-3402 or (315) 323-4319, or by email at